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The following user types are available in the APPLinkup system. Please carefully read the descriptions of the user types and follow the links to apply for access


University Clinical Education Managers (UniCEM): UniCEMs are university employed staff (academic or administrative) who are responsible for the following:
  • - Enrolling and managing students, clinical education facilities, and facility clinical education co-ordinators.
  • - Establish dates for clinical blocks for student cohorts
  • - Allocation of students to facilities and clinical speciality areas within each clinical block
To apply for UniCEM access click here


Facility Clinical Education Co-ordinators (CEC): CECs are usually employed by a facility/health service where students will be attending for a clinical block/s. A CEC may be a health professional or administrative staff member. CECs are responsible for the following:
  • Assigning students for each clinical block to a clinical educator or educators
  • Enrolling clinical educators from their facility/health service into the APPLinkup system
  • Managing any changes to clinical educators or students during the clinical block/s
To apply for FacCEC access click here


Clinical Educator (CE) are an appropriately qualified and recognised professional who guides students’ education and training during clinical placements. CEs are responsible for the completing mid and end of unit APP forms for the students they are supervising.
    To apply for CE access click here


    Student (S) are enrolled in a university physiotherapy program and are undertaking education and training in a clinical placement within the health sector. You University Clinical Education Managers will create accounts for students prior to clinical placements.