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APPLinkup User Manual

Help for APPLinkup is provided in the User Manual which you can download to your computer by clicking HERE You will find answers to the majority of your questions in the manual
A one-page quick start guide is available for FacCEC, CE and Student accounts. Download your quick-start guide here:

A video walkthrough of each of the APPLinkup account types is presented below.

Please select PLAYLIST below to view the full list of videos. You can also open the playlist in a new window.

Training Resources

A training website has been created to allow you to develop your skills in using APPLinkup up without influencing the data in the live site. Click HERE to acccess the Training Resources page

Video Vignettes

Assessment should be consistent across different educators, clinical areas and types of facilities. Students assessed by one educator should receive a similar grading if assessed by a different educator.
Consistency of assessment can be standardised through a shared understanding of expectations. Using clinical educator feedback, we have developed a suite of 12 video vignettes depicting various standards of student performance. These are not prescriptive but are intended to enable discussion and develop consensus about expected standards.

The videos have been scripted and tested. They are approved by end-users as representative of various levels of performance.

The APP Video Vignette User Manual is the companion document for the videos. The videos present students working in 4 clinical areas. For each video, background information on the patient and the setting is provided. Additionally, each vignette of student performance includes a summary of student behaviours (described using performance indicators) that justify the grading of the student’s performance. These details are provided in the APP Video Vignette User Manual.

The level of performance in each video is intentionally blinded for training purposes. The key to the performance level can be found in the manual.

Please select PLAYLIST below to view the full list of videos. You can also open the playlist in a new window.